Women’s Fashion

Women’s fashion isn’t too different from men’s fashion nowadays, they are both about looking great and they try to accomplish that goal in a pretty similar fashion. Get the puns i their? Gender in fashion is not a huge topic because it has already been accepted that anyone, no matter what their gender is, can be a fashion designer or if they want, trend setter. Anyone that has a good sense of fashion could potentially be the new leader for a fad that sets the Internet world on fire for a few months.

Women’s fashion is split into a couple of different categories. Let’s start with the most interesting one, bikinis. Bikinis are one of the greatest articles of clothing to ever be invented. They allow women to feel and look beautiful, and they are loved by men. The bikini is an elegant combination of sexy and convenience. Although many women spend a lot of time stressing over their weight and appearance in areas such as the butt, the bikini is just a great chance to let loose and enjoy fashion. Personally the bikini is my favorite article of clothing, and I’m not able to say why exactly I prefer it over some other clothing types.

Women’s skirts are also very sexy. You don’t have to wear a mini skirt to look hot, but that is currently the craze. Models see it as a way to show off their well defined legs, and girls from all over the world try to copy them and imitate what they do. I can’t say that this is a bad thing that is going on, but just very interesting to witness and take part in. Skirts are a great lower body article of clothing that advertise mobility and fashion at the same time. It is typical for younger women to wear, as older women often suffer from cellulite. Cellulite can be cured, quite easily actually, by following this program: eliminer la cellulite. It’s awesome that many of life’s problems can be solved by simple e-books.

Yoga pants used to be the craze a couple of years ago, and they are still fairly popular among young women today. Yoga pants are the pants that you see accentuating the butt area, to the pleasure of men everywhere. There are entire websites dedicated to showcasing pictures of girls wearing yoga pants. Girls swear that they are wearing them because they are comfortable, and that the sexy factor is only an added bonus, not the motive. Either way, I like to sit back and take in this great thing that is happening before my eyes that we like to call women’s fashion. It’s an ever evolving world that will never cease to get better and better, even after the newest craze dies down and another one swoops in to take its place. I am eager to see what the bikinis of the future look like, but hey, maybe that is just me. Let me know what your thoughts are on the current state of women’s fashion.

How to Dress Awesome

Let’s go through how and where to start dressing awesomely. I used to not care about what I was wearing when I was in my early adolescence, and I let my mom buy clothes for me for my birthdays and Christmas, and other holidays. But now I like to dress in a unique and fun way that my friends can recognize immediately as me. If you want to start dressing in this kind of way, you came to the right place. First of all, go to the mall and look for yourself for something that you’d want to wear. You shouldn’t just look this stuff up online unless you know what you’re looking for.

For now, go to the local mall or a clothing store and experience what the clothes look like for your self. Before buying something, go to the fitting rooms and check out what you look in them. Maybe even snap a photo and send it to a friend to ask for their opinion. If you go to a local clothing store, make sure you choose which one(s) you want to look at carefully. Make sure that you know what kind of clothes you are looking for. If you’re 35 years old, you might not want to shop at Forever 21. Or maybe that is exactly what you are looking for! Just know before you go what you want and what the store you’re going to offers.

Usually you will want to pick out clothes that bring out your personality and highlight your interests. You might be interested in searching for the coolest tee, or maybe you need some shorts to wear that are just the right length. Perhaps you need an fresh new wardrobe. Whatever it is, go for it and don’t compromise on anything. Except, don’t break the bank just so that you can be happy with your look. I’m sure you can find great, comfortable clothes to wear that are affordable for your budget. More expensive does not mean better in any way, so don’t just go for that, even if you can afford it. Make an effort to look at the clothes for what they are, don’t look at the price tag until after you’ve tried it on and made your decision that you want to buy it. If you can’t afford it at the moment, use that as a motivation to get your funds up so that you can buy that article of clothing. Use it as a goal and you will get there soon.

Fashion: Hairstyles

There’s an ever changing rotation of styles in fashion that are “in”. It seems like hairstyles frequently go in and out of style. But there are also a few hairstyles that are always cool no matter what’s happening in the world.

Hairstyles that are always Hot

The first hair style that we’ll be going over is a very common one that you’ve probably seen today if you’ve gone outside, unless you live in the country or something. Anyways, we are talking about the combover. It’s a really simple but elegant hairstyle that can be pulled off by most people who know a thing or two about fashion.

Second, let’s talk about the very common bob cut, which is normally worn by women but could probably look great on guys also. The bob cut is almost like the female version of the combover. Its elegance speaks for itself, and it looks good on most people.

Hairstyles that are Hot Right Now

360 waves were very popular in the black community in the late 80s, but it looks like they are coming back now, so grab your brush and du rag and put on some of that pomade that’s been sitting in your bathroom for the past few years. 360 waves are a fun hairstyle that brings out the natural curls in your hair.

The simple hair in a bun is a cut hairstyle for girls and some guys as well. Girls rock this look the best in my opinion. Sometimes it’s thought of as a lazy hairstyle for girls who don’t spend time on their hair that morning, but I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me that some women look great in this simple hairstyle. It’s simple, easy, and attractive in my book.

Do you have any more hairstyles that are common or hot right now? Leave a comment if you think we forgot one. What hairstyle are you wearing?

2011 Clothes In Hip Hop

In 2011, Asap Rocky, Kanye West, and Tyler the Creator were HUGE people in the fashion world.

Asap Rocky broke out that year, and his unique fashion was a captivating part of his persona. He rocked white Air Force 1s and made them hugely popular at the time. He is also known for having his swaggy sunglasses and cool jeans/suits.asap rocky 2011

Kanye West is unfortunately known for his outlandish behavior more than his fashion and music. Ye is now known for his Yeezys, which are very fashionable and creative but extremely expensive and exclusive. During 2011 he rocked designer clothes (that he designed himself). He released the collab album “Watchkanye 2011 the Throne” with Jay Z that year, so they often matched their outfits with gold chains and other typical facets of hip hop fashion, but they always brought a unique twist to it that made it really cool. Kanye manages to perfectly personify the lifestyle of wealth, success, and happiness mixed with challenges that he raps about in his music

Tyler the Creator really broke out in 2011, even though some people say his first album was his best. Either way, he lit up the year with his eccentric clothing choices, which he designed himself. The 28th Annual MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

Tyler is known for his goofy but entertaining and wise personality. Odd Future, his hip hop group, has their name associated with the clothing brand Supreme (box logo hoodies). They are very unique in their approach to fashion; you won’t find anyone else dressing like Tyler that isn’t an imposter. You can tell that he takes a lot of pride in his clothing, even if it might look like he doesn’t care about anything. In the picture above he is wearing a tie-dyed shirt. With a hypnotizing cat in the center of it that is staring back at you. His funny personality really shines through with his fashion sense.